Last selfies

Tomorrow, it’ll be a year. A year since we took the last selfies I have of us. My face pressed against you as we make silly expressions into the camera. It was a weird night. Our plans were kind of complicated. It’d been a week since I’d seen you. Almost a week since I asked you to think about where we were going.

It took you three months to answer that question. We didn’t take any more selfies in that period. But nothing else really changed.

It’s been a weird year. A lot’s happened. I’ve done a lot. I went a lot of places. I’ve erased you from a lot of stuff, but you’re still around.

You’ve met someone else. I wonder where you’ll be at midnight. I still miss you.


All the things in my brain

All the things in my brain that remind me of you

All the things in my brain marked off as things you’d love to do

The things in my brain rot as someone else discovers all the things anew

Now there’s two of us, walking around, thinking of you.

I hope she discovers all of them and shares them with you

I hope they bring you happiness as they ought to

But as you wander the world, finding things for her,

Pause now and again

And come upon a Melissa thing or two.