Are you depressed?


The weather is so sunny; the sky is so blue; these are the shining days we pray land on weekends, and this time, they do.

The first sunny spring day: wardrobes refreshed, passersby pass by with extra kindness. It’s the first sight of blossoms.

You always post photos on beautiful days: these have been the most beautiful days. Where have you been?

It made sense when I saw you’d been out of town, but then again, it might have been a day trip. The sun’s shined and shined and shined, but to these glories, your social is still blind.

Are you depressed? I thought maybe you had blocked me online, blinding only me, but I don’t believe so. Are you depressed? If you are, please tell me; it’s not worth it to separate at such a cost. Are you depressed? Can I help? I’m not allowed to text you, but I want to text you and ask, “Are you depressed?”

Am I making this up? Is it normal to be depressed? Should you be depressed after a break up? I hope you’re not depressed. If you’re depressed, call me.


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