On modernity

Smartphones are invasions on our right to live in the moment, live free, and be present with the people around us.


My first Hinge date


Despite my longstanding distrust of strangers (stranger danger! ahhh!), I made the decision to conform to the rest of single society… I downloaded Hinge. Upon my first three swipes, I spotted something glorious… an acquaintance. Aaah. In fact, an acquaintance I had previously entertained the thought of hooking up with the summer before on a rooftop bar in New York City… until we ran out of things to talk about. After an hour, we parted ways happily and number-less.

In the digital land of dull, disconnected faces, an acquaintance was well welcome. A friendly face? I’ll swipe right to that.

So I agreed to go out with him. Unsure what more he could possibly want to discuss over a drink (sex? nahh), I was relieved to login to something with a non-stranger. Over text, we’d gently skirted the basic topics we’d previously exhausted, and I took satisfaction out of knowing I could pat myself on the back for doing something good for myself while maintaining a high level of confidence that the date would not go well. En route, I let a friend convince me that it was strange to go into the date not acknowledging the past mishap.

Greeting him with a hug and a whispered, “nice to see you again,” I learned thirty minutes later that he has a twin brother. The end.