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Thoughts on long distance relationships

How can you ever be happy if you’re telling someone on the daily “I miss you” therefore constantly telling yourself and the world, I’d rather be somewhere else, I’d rather be by someone else; this isn’t enough for me. How can you ever be present in the moment?

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Friendly note from an ex

wise the fuck up

i lied. I am fucking infuriated. I never imagined you would hook up with him but at the same time i knew he was EXACTLY the kind of guy you would hook up with. I knew when i was fucking eighteen you would cheapen yourself like that. You deserve so much better and you can fucking get so much better. you shun away men who want nothing more than to give you practically all the things you want for a fucking prick like that guy. Your bullshit idea to break up has been torn to fucking shreds. Fuck your idea of your college independence if it spent on royal pricks like him. There are too many guys who would kill to treat you like gold, and yet you get drunk and hook up with someone like that. Wise the fuck up and recognize that you are one of the most incredible women to ever walk this earth, and then take one of the men who will treat you like nothing less. wise the fuck up [name withdrawn]. you need and earn and deserve and require the best.